About the Programme

About the Programme

The Programme

Introducing the SCTS Academyst Professional Development Programme

SCTS and Academyst are delighted to release a pertinent, practical and thoroughly modern programme of development for cardiothoracic surgeons delivering care, developing careers and leading services in some of our most difficult times. Each programme is bang up-to-date and designed to stand up to the rigours and difficulties associated with being successful in today’s system.

The programme overall is based on a rolling sequence of events, repeated every 2.5 years, to allow individuals to develop their understanding and capability in a logical, structured manner whilst providing the flexibility to plan around study leave parameters too.

Who Can Attend?

The programme is open to both SCTS Members and Non-members, although there is a specific balance of places available to ensure that SCTS and its members have maximum access.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are different costs for Members and Non-Members, as the attendance fee (but not the venue costs) are provided as part of the package of benefits of membership.

SCTS Cost & Cancellation

The cost of attendance is £52.50 + VAT

Cancellation: Please note that if you book and do not turn up you will be liable to the full non-member rate and its associated cancellation policy. Cancellation fees are negated if the place is subsequently filled or an alternate SCTS member is found by the cancelling individual. These policies are to ensure the society derives the full benefit of the programme whilst giving individuals every opportunity to find a replacement if they have to cancel at comparatively short notice.

Non-Members Cost & Cancellation

The cost of attendance is £252.50 + VAT

Standard Cancellation: The standard cancellation policy is designed to allow re-marketing of a course place, should you cancel. Cancellation may be made up to 10 weeks in advance without penalty. At less than 10 weeks, the participant is liable for the full fees unless we are able to re-fill the course place. At that point, all paid fees are returned to the original attendee.