Common Questions

10 Mar
Common Questions

Why only 15 places per programme?

The quality of the events is very important and each one involves a great deal of exploration of key concepts in case studies and discussions. Consequently, the maximum attendees has been capped in order to preserve the quality of discussions and interactions.

Are there any discounts?

Well, if you are an SCTS Member, the programme is provided as part of your membership benefits but with a small charge to cover the venue & catering charges. If you are a non-member, you will probably recognise that this is already a rate lower than most other providers for a programme that is of unquestionably superior quality. That’s a ‘no’ in case it wasn’t clear!

How fast are places likely to go?

When we ran the pilot programme it took a matter of days to fill the programme and create a waiting list that was even bigger. If you are keen to attend, we really do encourage you to take a place as swiftly as possible. There is a cancellation policy in place and so don’t book just in case. Wait until you know.

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