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Insights – Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape & Leadership Context


  • 1st July 2016, Central London


Effective leaders strive to understand the context in which they lead, the risks, threats and opportunities it throws up and thus the challenges they will face and must lead through. The NHS landscape is evolving at a pace, driven by policies that most are unfamiliar with and agendas that the majority don’t understand. Our constantly evolving Insights Programme is designed to fix that insight gap in short, sharp order. Providing so much more than factual information, it challenges, provides complex interpretation and holds you to account in considering what is happening around us, what it means to you and what you need to do as leaders to remain secure.


The actual Insights programme delivered is constantly evolving because it is kept bang up-to-date with the latest data and evolving policy changes, as well as system behaviours and reactions. However, as a framework, this is what we’ll cover:

  • The Underlying Reality
  • The Bigger Picture Drivers and Data
  • Policy – What’s Changed & What Hasn’t
  • Implications of Emerging Policy
  • New System & Organisational Models
  • Integration & Devolution
  • Competition, Mergers & Contracts
  • Financial Changes & Their Implications
  • Upper System & Government Behaviours
  • Emerging Conditions & Principles
  • Appropriate Responses & Intelligent Adaptations

The programme goal is to leave you with a deep understanding of what is happening, how it will affect you and your services and some guidance on what you should do – intelligently and objectively derived actions, not emotional reactions.


The cost of attending is a benefit of SCTS membership. Everybody, however, is asked to contribute to the functional cost of attending i.e. the venue and catering. All fees need to be settled in advance.

SCTS Members

The cost of attendance is £52.50 + VAT

Cancellation: Please note that if you book and do not turn up you will be liable to the full non-member rate and its associated cancellation policy. Cancellation fees are negated if the place is subsequently filled or an alternate SCTS member is found by the cancelling individual.

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The cost of attendance is £252.50 + VAT

Standard Cancellation: The standard cancellation policy is designed to allow re-marketing of a course place, should you cancel.

Cancellation may be made up to 10 weeks in advance without penalty. At less than 10 weeks, the participant is liable for the full fees unless we are able to re-fill the course place. At that point, all paid fees are returned to the original attendee.

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  • 10:00 Registration & Coffee
  • 10:15 Programme Commencement
  • 11:30 Morning Coffee
  • 11:45 Programme Re-commencement
  • 13:15 Lunch
  • 14:00 Programme Re-commencement
  • 15:15 Afternoon Tea
  • 15:30 Programme Re-commencement
  • 16:45 Programme Closure

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